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Add Modernity & Spacious Look to Your Home

Glass definitely add modernity & spacious look to your home. Currently in residential, Glass structures are gaining popularity in washroom enclosures, Stair interior glass railings, Partitions, Table tops, cabinet front glass, Porch Enclosures, Entrance Glass Railings.

Washroom Enclosures Design

In washroom, many factors required prior to finalize the design. Some of common factors are outlined below.
  • Position of Toilet, Vanity & Entrance to washroom
  • Position & width of glass door for entrance
  • Height of Jamb/Threshold
  • Towel Bar Position & Size
  • Position of shower / Rain shower
  • Width of Shower area
  • Moisture release opening
  • Safety & reinforcement of glass panels & doors
Ideal Glass shower enclosure design considers above mentioned points to safely optimize & effectively use washroom area to achieve the best safety & Look.

Single Doors

Single doors are usually seen in small opening in old as well as new houses. Residents are used to put curtains. This area can be made neat, clean & spacious looking by replacing messy curtains with frameless single door.
glass to glass in line

Design Idea

You can add few variations to suit, blend or appear in your prestige washroom.
  • If design require, you can shift panels and door with additional panels
  • Add towel bar @ few additional dollars
  • Add sandblasted etched patterns & designs @ additional dollars

In Line

In Line, usually stands for straight wall to wall. Depends on width of glass layout area can be designed with few variations. In addition to above mentioned options (accessories additions, towel bar, sandblasting), configuration may be specific to washroom space. Door height usually kept lower to ceiling height unless all design is low height.

  • One fix panel & one door
  • 2 fix panel & one door
  • 2 fix panels with transom & Door

Return Panel

With such design, Layout of glass goes in L shape. Position & size of panels vary as per washroom size. Some common layout configuration mentioned below

  • Wall Hinged door, Panel & Return panel
  • Panel, Glass to glass Hinges & Return Panel
  • On Long side Panel, Door in return Side

It can be deployed in many different ways as per client’s layout & requirement.

Neo Angle

This setup is useful when space in washroom is less. Its commonly in shape of half hex. Neo angle uses mostly 135degree hinges and may also require 45degree angle cuts on panels & door. Different Lengths of glass panels & glass door are possible.

Odd Shapes

In many washrooms, it has been seen that space is too odd then client bound to end up in odd shape washrooms. These washroom requires proper design and thoughtful idea about opening of door, Clearance from adjacent bathroom stuff ( i.e,Vanity& toilet set..) Possible shapes are endless.

Glass Slider

Sliders are used generally when space is not allowing swing door option. In Sliders, One is usually fix panel & other part is door. Door is hanged with roller mechanism on bar. If subjected layout width is between 57” to 60” or 46 to 48” then standard RTA ( ready to assemble) Box pack options are easily available in market. Height for tub mostly come as 66” & for standing shower it is about 72” & 76”. Other options also available @ higher cost. If your width is not falling in mentioned measurements then custom shower may be option for you.

Another common seen Glass slider options are with return panel option. In market, selected options are standard (ready to assemble) rest you can customize.

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