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You install, we design & cut. If you are handyman, contractor or a renovator, Pls provide your rough drawing and we will optimize your design as per your customer’s taste. Our expert team is ready to take any challenge of your design idea. We will ensure your next custom project will form fit as per your drawing.

Cabinet Door Replacement

Cabinet Door Replacement with Ontario Hardware: Enhance Your Home's Aesthetics

Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom effortlessly with Ontario Hardware’s premium cabinet door replacement services. At, we offer a wide selection of high-quality cabinet doors that cater to various styles and preferences, ensuring a perfect match for your home’s decor. Our expert team provides professional advice and seamless installation, transforming your space with minimal hassle. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style with Ontario Hardware, where every detail matters. Visit today to explore our extensive collection and elevate your home’s interior.

Not sure what service you need? Contact us and speak with a professional to get a free in-home no-obligation estimate!

-How does it work?

With a full kitchen remodel, you typically have to bring a contractor in to remove your existing cabinets, dispose of them, and bring inexpensive, new cabinets in to replace them. Your old cabinets might even have several years of good use in them still. Depending on the contractor, this process can take days, or even weeks, during which you will only have limited access, if any, to your kitchen.

Rather than replacing everything, offers a more efficient solution by allowing you to swap out just the doors and drawer fronts. This will enable you to create a kitchen or bathroom space that feels brand new without spending an exorbitant amount.

As part of our cabinet door replacement service, our expert technicians will use a specialized process to match the color of your existing cabinets with your custom doors for a flawless transition between old and new. And rather than blocking off your kitchen for long periods, your cabinet door replacement can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Easy Prep, Easy Process – Let simplify your next home improvement project!

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What options do I have?

One of the reasons people choose for their hardware needs is because they want to explore a wide variety of options. Rather than being stuck with the same old selections, they desire change and innovation. That’s why offers a broad range of customization options when it comes to selecting products for your projects:

Variety of Products: Explore an extensive selection of hardware, tools, and materials tailored to suit diverse styles and preferences.
Custom Solutions: Customize your orders to fit your specific project requirements, ensuring you get exactly what you need.
Expert Guidance: Access professional advice and tips to help you make the best choices for your home improvement or construction projects.
Quality Assurance: Rest assured with our commitment to providing high-quality products that meet rigorous standards.

With, you have the freedom to branch out and make impactful changes, knowing you have the best tools and materials at your disposal.

Door Styles

The style of your cabinet door—the profiles for the panels, edges, stiles, & rails—make up what is essentially the face of your cabinet. It’s the core structure around which everything else is built. Our team will work with you to decide what sorts of styles will be right for you.

Wood Types

  • The type of wood you choose for your cabinet doors can have a strong effect on the look and feel of your cabinets. Different woods have different densities, grains, and natural shades. Stains affect different types of wood in different ways. Some carry darker, richer tones while others will show through less.


The sheen will be the finishing touch. A matte finish emphasizes muted tones to prevent the cabinets from overpowering the rest of the kitchen, while glossier sheens can make your cabinets really pop.

Easy Prep, Easy Process with

Experience seamless and stress-free shopping with, where preparing for your next project is a breeze. Our user-friendly website, extensive product range, and reliable customer service make finding and purchasing hardware supplies effortless. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, simplifies your prep and process, ensuring you have everything you need to get the job done right. Enjoy competitive prices, fast shipping, and expert advice every step of the way. Shop smarter and easier with today!


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